Hi, I’m Phaedra Colt, but in my everyday life, I mostly listen to Petra. 🙂 I was born in Hungary, but I’ve also lived in the UK and Spain. I’ve been writing novels since I was 10. So far, I’ve mostly created for my own entertainment, writing was a nice hobby for me, I didn’t think it could be more than just a leisure activity.

I’ve been attracted to supernatural beings since I was a kid. In the beginning, I wrote about ghosts, vampires became the central figures in my stories later, which is probably due to the influence of the television series “Buffy, the vampire slayer” and the “Supernatural”. Interestingly, though, when it comes to reading, horror novels aren’t on my menu: for some reason, I prefer to read crime fiction. My absolute faves are Leslie L. Lawrence and Jo Nesbo.

REPUGNO was born eleven years ago, and although I wanted to publish it, I was always waiting for the right moment, which of course never came. The only good thing that has happened to me in the pandemic caused by the coronavirus is that it made me realize that I have nothing left to wait for, nothing to lose, and my fear of failure is unnecessary. We must live bravely, otherwise, there is no point. I wish everyone to be brave, to do the things they’ve been afraid of, and to stop putting them off.
Good luck!