“I was starting to realize just how good I was. Strong, fast, and not fucking around.” – PC

Types of Characters in REPUGNO

In every fantasy novel, there are defining character types. My book isn’t an exception either. Phaedra – The protagonist. She’s the central figure and the storyteller of the novel. We can read the story and follow her character’s development (or rather her change) from her point of view. William – Phaedra’s love. The relationship between […]


“Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Or do.

Have you ever heard: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? I bet you have. People only say that because the truth is, everyone judges a book by its cover!Even if you have written the best story ever, it will never become a bestseller with a bad cover. Your book’s cover design will tell your […]

But what is “REPUGNO”?

At the age of 18, when I started writing this book, I confess, it wasn’t REPUGNO the title of the book. It was originally called “Transformation.” However, just like a thousand other things, I eventually changed the title as well. “Transformation” felt formulaic, boring, and if I were a reader, I would just shrug my […]

Zombi támadás


“Blaise came back with a canister of gasoline in hand and a box of matches.“That was quick,” I said.“I killed four of them in the meantime and even closed the garage door. That’s how they got in.”“You’re amazing!”“I know, I hear it often.” He poured gasoline on the putrid mass of flesh and lit a […]

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